Thursday, December 6, 2007

Girl Shot 6 Times Protecting Her Mother

A 7-year-old-girl in Detroit was shot six times while attempting to shield her mother from an abusive ex-boyfriend.
Alexis Goggins, a first-grader at Campbell Elementary School, is in stable condition at Children's Hospital in Detroit recovering from gunshot wounds to the eye, left temple, chin, cheek, chest and right arm. The girl's mother, Selietha Parker, 30, was shot in the left side of her head and her bicep by a former boyfriend, who police said was trying to kill Parker.
Teens are especially likely to attempt to intervene in altercations while trying to protect their mothers, but this child was only 7, and the gunman was said to have "pumped" shots into her "without hesitation". Alexis and the gunman were separated when he arrived at her house with a firearm and the apparent intent to kill.


TJWells said...

This story is very sad and touching at the same time. A childs innocence and devotion are cleary demonstrated in this story. I would like to know what happened to the person who shot the mother and child...

Women's Resource Center said...

Via The Detroit News - Tillie was arrested by Detroit officers as he got out of the vehicle with a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol in his hand. He is in the Wayne County Jail facing numerous charges of kidnapping, assault with intent to murder, child abuse and habitual criminal penalties as a four-time felon. Tillie will have a preliminary examination in 36th District Court on Dec. 17.