Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Law in Connecticut Allows DV Survivors to Teleconference Court Proceedings

The Connecticut Post reports
Victims of domestic violence and their children will be able to avoid face-to-face courtroom encounters and instead use teleconferencing to testify in divorce and custody proceedings, under a new law.

In reaction, Susan DeLeon, director of The Umbrella, which has a walk-in center in Ansonia and a shelter at an undisclosed location, agreed Monday that the new law is bound to help protect women and their children.

"I think it's a great idea," DeLeon said in a phone interview after [Governor]Rell signed the bill. "It will relieve a lot of anxiety for a victim who moves away." She said that some women might avoid getting a divorce because they know it means seeing their abusive spouse again, even if it's only in court.
The new law was inspired by the murder of Jennifer Magnano who returned to Connecticut from California last August for divorce proceedings and was murdered by her husband, Scott Magnano. Two of Jennifer Magnano's three children attended the signing.

Jennifer Magnano's death was a horrible tragedy, but the law it inspired has the potential to save the lives of others.

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