Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Murder-Suicide in LaGrange

Another Murder-Suicide in Georgia, this time in LaGrange:

Two people were found dead Sunday in an apparent murder-suicide at Cameron Crossing apartments off Mooty Bridge Road.

Troup County Deputy Coroner Burt Winston said Darryl Jones, 45, of Cameron Crossing shot Regena Jones, 46, of Pine Lake Road in West Point, then shot himself about 6 a.m.

LaGrange police determined the two died of single gunshot wounds to the head from a 9mm semiautomatic pistol. They were declared dead at 8:05 a.m.

Police Sgt. Mark Cavender said the victims were divorced. The two had been separated between one and two years.

American Medical Response and the LaGrange Fire Department were called to the apartment complex formerly named Meadow Terrace, where they found the two bodies and called police.

Officials said they do not know the motive for the killings.

Maybe we're biased, but we could make an educated guess at a motive. Men don't typically murder their partners without a history of abusive behaviors. It may not have been physical, and she may never have called the police, but there is almost always a history of domestic violence in some form.

We have many women who come to our office for protective orders because their partners continue harassing them after they've ended the relationship. We live in a culture that minimizes the effects of stalking, so maybe she was convinced that he wouldn't really do anything to hurt her, or maybe those to whom she did report the behaviors didn't take it seriously. Either way, the couple was divorced, and maybe it was finally sinking in to him that she wasn't going to take him back. Domestic violence, including stalking a current or former intimate partner, is about control. A motive can be as simple as wanting one final assertion of his power.

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