Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Victim's Child Kidnapped By Gunpoint

It's a parent's worst nightmare and one that the women we serve suffer all too regularly.

Richmond County Investigators are searching for a man whom they say kidnapped his 6-year-old son at gunpoint from the child's home Monday night.

Maurice Leon Holland, 27, of Pearl Avenue, is wanted on charges of kidnapping, terroristic threats and acts and gun charges, according to Richmond County Sgt. Blaise Dresser.

About 5 p.m. last night, witnesses said Holland forced his way into his child's mother's home at gunpoint, a sheriff's report said.

The mother, Latasha White, wasn't home at the time so Holland took the child and fled the home. Sgt. Dresser said they located the boy last night at an apartment in Olmstead Homes off Broad Street and he was returned to his mother. White had previously filed charges against Holland for terroistic threats and acts, Sgt. Dresser said.

"She claims to have been getting terrorized by this man since she broke up with him," he said.

Many batterers know that the quickest way to frighten their partners is to threaten their children. The fear that he will take her children is one of the top reasons women stay in violent relationships and preventing that from happening is often a woman's primary concern once she leaves. Men often use their children as a means to continue to have contact with former partners, and men who have a history of domestic violence are more likely to receive joint custody because they are significantly more likely to ask for it. We need to protect future generations of children from learning abusive behavior from abusive parents by taking domestic violence seriously when making custody decisions. Judges - don't order custody or unsupervised visitation for parents who have a history of abusing a spouse or partner. Moms - don't let anyone make you feel guilty for keeping your children away from a parent who will teach them that violence is acceptable.

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