Monday, August 2, 2010

Calhoun Man Kills Ex, Shoots Two Teens

A Calhoun man was hospitalized in police custody Friday after allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend to death and wounding her teenage son and nephew before being shot by police.

Gordon County Sheriff's deputies arrested Paul Buchannon late Thursday night after a four-hour manhunt, finding the suspect hiding near Hill City Baptist Church in northern Gordon County.

Buchannon was shot by law enforcement officers after he threatened them with a gun at the end of the manhunt.

He is accused of fatally shooting Christy Ann McKnight, 40.

Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston said Friday afternoon that no further medical updates are available on the two teenage gunshot victims that Buchannon allegedly shot before killing McKnight.

McKnight’s son, Dustin Lee Henderson, 17, and her nephew, Cody Shawn Adams, 19, were transported to local hospitals, one with a gunshot wound in the back, and one with a shot to his leg.
According to the Dalton Daily Citizen, Buchannon had a history of domestic violence, but it was unclear if the arrest occured with McKnight as the victim or in a previous relationship.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all three victims.

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