Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cobb Man Charged With Double Murder

The AJC reports that a Cobb County man is accused of killing his ex-wife and her new partner.

A Kennesaw man has been charged with shooting two people to death early Saturday.

The bodies of Fatoumata Ntiamoah, 27, and Mohamed Zaine, 32, were found by Cobb County police around 4 a.m.

Investigators later arrested and charged Michael Ntiamoah, 32, with two counts of murder, aggravated assault and burglary.

Michael Ntiamoah and Fatoumata Ntiamoah were married at some point, Officer Joe Hernandez told the AJC on Sunday.

Fatoumata Ntiamoah was in a relationship with Mohamed Zaine, and they were living together when they were killed, Hernandez said.
Updated reports state that Fatoumata Ntiamoah was found on a driveway and Zaine was found inside the townhouse the two shared, neighbors told Channel 2 Action News. Neighbors said they heard nearly 30 shots and watched as Michael Ntiamoah chased the woman down the street, shooting at her.

We can't emphasize enough how these "private" matters never remain private, and how domestic violence regularly spills out into public spaces, putting others in danger. As far as we know, Ms. Ntiamoah did everything "right". She certainly ended her marriage and moved to another residence. Still, she was not safe, and neither was anyone in her neighborhood that night. That is why holding batterers accountable for their violence socially and legally is so vitally important. We need to make batterers feel that they will suffer undesirable consequences if they continue their violent behavior.

And, better yet, we should all make a commitment to raise our children with the understanding that violence against a partner is never acceptable.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ntiamoah family.

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