Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man Dies Protecting Son's Girlfriend

In a tragic story out of Cobb County, a man suffered a fatal heart attack while trying to stop his son from battering his girlfriend.

The warrant alleges Christopher Miller assaulted his girlfriend and tried to choke her with his hands. She had "red marks around her throat by her collarbones, on both sides of her neck," and "an abrasion to her forehead and a swollen and bruised lower lip," according to the warrant.

"Upon seeing this assault, Herschel Miller attempted to intervene to stop the assault," the warrant states.

Christopher Miller pushed his father to the ground and struck him several times, the warrant further alleges.

When police spoke to Herschel Miller, he confirmed the girlfriend's version of events, according to the warrant. "Shortly thereafter, Herschel Miller fell unresponsive," the warrant states.

The warrant says Christopher Miller was charged with felony murder because he caused the death of his father while committing aggravated assault against his girlfriend.
When family members call our hotline because they are concerned for the safety of a daughter, or sister, or other loved one, it is always a difficult conversation to have. On the one hand, we want family members to intervene and stop the violence. On the other, we don't want family members putting themselves at risk as well. Even the victim doesn't always know exactly what her abuser is capable of, and there is no guarantee that the violence won't spread. You should always create a safe space for family members and friends to open up to you about abuse they may be experiencing, but please use caution when confronting an abuser directly, and call law enforcement in cases of emergency. You don't want to become a domestic violence statistic any more than she does.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Miller family.

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