Friday, May 1, 2009

8 DV Murders in April

There were eight domestic violence murders in Georgia just in the month of April 2009.

Adrienne Young, age 30 - Stabbed by her ex-boyfriend (Freeman Matthews) in Smyrna

(Jairo Bustos), age 25 - Shot by police after kidnapping his fiance's (Arian Sterns) children - she had protection from him after domestic violence issues in Roswell

Minka Grogan, age 40 - Bashed in the head with a landscaping rock by her ex-boyfriend (Calvin Meyers) in Roswell

Marie E. Bruce, 47; Ben Teague, 63; Thomas Cole Tanner, 40 - All shot by Bruce's husband (George Zinkhan) in Athens

Unidentified man - Shot by police after police were called to a domestic violence incident by his girlfriend in Covington

Lt. Don Bassett, 36 - Shot by fiance - no determination yet whether this was self defense - in Dacula

There have been thirty domestic violence murders in Georgia so far this year. Please take a moment of silence to remember these men and women lost.

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