Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Mild Mannered' Attempted Murderer

The UK Press Association describes Brian Gibbs as "mild mannered".

The judge trying the case told Mr. Gibbs that his attack did have an explanation. "Your anger and your jealousy at her infidelity and your fear of losing her no doubt caused acute stress for you and led you to committing this offence. You are normally a quiet, non-violent, hard-working family man. This is a sad case and you acted completely out of character."

Yet Mr. Gibbs was on trial for pushing his wife down a flight of stairs and stabbing her in the neck with a pair of scissors.

Let us spell it out once again: Most people, when getting divorced or learning of their spouse's infidelity, do not attempt to kill their partners or even send them to the hospital. Many get angry. Many feel hurt. But most "mild mannered" people don't react with this degree of violence. Please, media, stop making excuses for batterers and help us find a solution.

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Virginia said...

I would like to push him down a flight of stairs. Gently, of course...