Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alabama College Shooting

One woman is dead and three others are injured in a mass shooting that proves, once again, that domestic violence is not a family matter that, if left alone, will stay behind closed doors.

The shootings in the car park of Southern Union Community College in Opelika killed a 63-year-old woman, wounded two other women, aged 36 and 94, and injured a four-year-old who was hit by flying glass.

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Thomas Franklin May, 34, was charged with capital murder and attempted murder and is being held without bail, said Police Chief Tommy Mangham.

He said the shooting was related to a domestic matter and was pre-planned.

Chief Mangham said: 'We really don't know what's in a person's mind when they do something like this.'

One of the wounded women was Bethany L May, the alleged shooter's estranged wife, Chief Mangham said.

Authorities wouldn't release any more information on the victims or their medical conditions. However it was revealed that one victim was a student at the community college and that some of the victims were related.

Court records revealed Mrs May filed a request against her husband last week seeking protection from abuse, but the details were unavailable.

A judge in Lee County issued a temporary order against Mr May and scheduled a hearing for May 11.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families.

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