Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spalding County Man Charged with Murdering Wife

According to the Griffin Daily News:
Jeff Alan McCullough will remain in jail without bond on battery and murder charges in the death of his wife.

His preliminary and bond hearings were continued Tuesday by Spalding County Magistrate Judge Rita Cavanaugh pending the results of an autopsy on the victim.

McCullough, 53, is charged with battery and aggravated battery under the Family Violence Act, along with felony murder and malice murder, in the July 29 death of his wife, Debra McCullough. He was initially charged with battery and arrested when deputies responded to the couple’s Covington Road home in reference to a domestic dispute on July 20.

Charges were later upgraded to aggravated battery after Debra McCullough was found unconscious 24 hours later and eventually transported to Atlanta Medical Center. The murder charges were added after her death from the injuries that were sustained on July 20.

McCullough had been granted $33,000 bond and was released July 25 on the battery charges, but was re-arrested on the murder charges on Aug. 1 and has been held without bond since.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the McCullough family.

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