Monday, October 1, 2007

Italian Policewomen Get High Heels

Some 14,750 Italian policewomen received high heels this week as part of an attempt to make their uniforms look "younger and sexier."

You might be asking why this topic is raised on a domestic violence blog, but we wanted to examine the motives behind a decision that would make female police officers look sexier while impeding their ability to do their jobs effectively. Are Italian police departments saying that it is more important for female officers to look pretty than it is for them to combat crime? And what values is this communicating to women in Italy? Maybe that their ultimate value, even over professional success, comes from their attractiveness?

How might this relate to domestic violence? Does viewing women as nothing more than sex objects somehow contribute to society's acceptance of violence toward them? And even though Italy is considered a fashion capital of the world, is it so far-fetched to imagine something similar happening here?

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Anonymous said...

WOOOOHOOOO Thats Uber-Hott.... Italians are always ahead of the curve, when are our broads with badges going to start looking hott?