Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Being a Woman

The objectification of women in both rock music and video games has been discussed over and over again, but what is interesting in this post by Cara at The Curvature is her description of the hurt that she felt when she was confronted with it unsuspectingly. Warning: the article linked contains some strong language.

Cara writes:

Unlike most similar horrors that I run across, I don’t know how to be cute or sarcastic about this. Because I take it personally. Very personally. I’ve sunk a lot of money into this game. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort. I just spent $50 on this thing, which, for the record, I couldn’t really afford. And I get the game home to have it say to me “oh, by the way — we hate you.”

I’m more than pissed off. I’m hurt. I feel like I don’t exist. . .

I’m sure that many of you out there can relate — have seen shows, or book series, music, etc. that you love and have been faithful to suddenly turn against you without notice, attack you with misogynist or racist imagery/ideas. It seems silly on the surface, but it is violating and painful. I genuinely do feel betrayed right now, like I’ve been handing my money and loyalty to someone who doesn’t want to admit that I even exist.

I still haven’t been able to bring myself to play.

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